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Quantum Entanglement Healing System - (next workshop is Sunday 18th November 2018 at Bonar Hall, Dundee. 1pm to 4.30pm)

This uplifting workshop is available on demand in your location (minimum of six participants) and is presented over 3.5 hours with a choice of timing to suit the group. 10am-1.30pm, 1pm-4.30pm or 6.30pm- 9.45pm . The workshop is currently only available during weekdays and evenings. The energy exchange is £36. Upon completion of the workshop you will be presented with a certificate of Quantum Entanglement Healing Practitioner. This system is endorsed by Balens Insurance. Please contact Abbiel if you wish to host a workshop.

Quantum Entanglement Healing (QE)

A simple, yet extraordinary powerful system brought forward by the Angelic Hierarchy based upon a phenomena in Quantum Mechanics known as Quantum Entanglement.

The workshop includes:
Alignment to the Quantum Entanglement Healing System
Practical experience of :
Accessing the QE Healing Power for the Self
Accessing the QE Healing Power for Another 
Accessing the QE Healing Power for Karmic and Ancestral Healing 
Accessing the QE Healing Power for Disentanglement from Negative Energies
Discuss accessing the QE Healing Power for Groups of People
Discuss accessing the QE Healing Power for People Absently

QE Healing is a system based upon a phenomenon in Quantum Mechanics known as Quantum Entanglement; a blend of scientific theory and spiritual metaphysics. A simplistic interpretation is the recognition that All are One and that Everything is Connected because everything has originated from the same source – the Divine – and therefore is bound by commonality, by the truth that we have all been created by the Divine.

QE Healing connects us to profound energies encircling our luminous field; our energy cocoon, accessing the “All”, The Tapestry of Life – (the pattern of energy and light that binds all living things together) through our axiatonal lines, (our universal meridians) so that we might source healing energy directly from the Divine absorbed into the etheric template of the individual soul facilitating holistic healing on a physical, mental emotional and spiritual level in accordance with the will of our own Higher Power touching not only our own lives but all those we are ‘entangled’ with.

A Manual is included and a Practitioner Certificate will be issued upon completion. 

This workshop is open to those new to the path as well as those who have walked its way for a lifetime. The only requisite is a curious mind and a genuine calling to help yourself and those around you, be it one’s own personal environment, family, friends and clients or the greater larger world and all sentient beings.

Places may be reserved upon full payment. Please confirm your attendance and the name you wish to have printed on your certificate. 
Participants are invited to arrive by 15 minutes earlier to facilitate registration and enable a prompt start.

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, (payable to A. Archibald) or by Paypal to 

Bank transfer (details available upon request) and cash, by arrangement only, on the day of the workshop.

This workshop is available, on demand, in your location - minimum of six participants, afternoon or evening, weekdays


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