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Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation

There is nothing mysterious or wacky about meditation. It is simply a method of diverting the mind from external events to internal awareness. Meditation is about learning to control the influence that your mind has in your life. It helps you to find inner peace and calmness, tranquillity, and it also helps you to grow as a person.
Practicing meditation leaves you feeling calm and peaceful and is an excellent way to relax and manage stress. For many people, meditation helps them become deeply aware of their bodies and calms the mind. Some people feel better able to connect with nature or some spiritual entity when they meditate.

Traditionally, most meditation techniques have required some type of focus in order to enter the meditative state. Looking at an image, an object, or even a candle flame is another way to prepare the mind to enter meditation since focusing on an image or object helps us clear the mind and allows our bodies to relax.

In the West, the word meditation means a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection. To meditate is to deepen a state of understanding. The purpose of deep introversion, in a state of peace, is to search the basic truths of life, to separate reality from illusion itself and to acquire a clear understanding of reality. Peace of mind, an expanded state of consciousness and clarity of mind helps you to cultivate a sense of right and wrong, acquire emotional maturity and rise above petty reactions by the realisation that there is more to life.

Some people, when they first explore meditation, find it difficult and frustrating to let go of the mindless chatter and often give up very quickly. For those that have difficulty stilling the incessant mind chatter a guided meditation is an excellent way of introducing and experiencing meditation.
Guided meditation is a form of visual meditation where there is someone guiding you into a relaxed state and providing you with a visual landscape. Sometimes the support and encouragement of another is just enough to assist you in achieving your objectives and desired outcome.
With practice most people soon experience the pleasure and benefit from meditation; many making it a daily habit in their lives.


Why not join me for a meditation evening every second Wednesday?

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